Review | Eye Shadow Sixteen Viral

    This is Special kit to all women that are rushing to make up or for the beginner simple to apply at Puffy eyes.
    It's Quick and easy eye tuning shadow for modern people who are too busy to apply makeup before going to work just like me.That just apply powder and lips matte just for not look pale while working.
    • Daily two tone colours that add depth to your eyes and amazingly cover even puffy eyes
    • Natural eye make-up look with only one swipe
    • Comes with brush for easy application
    • Its have 3 different looks with different application styles such as Bright and natural look, deep look, smokey look
    • Suitable for both daily wear and special occasions as dinner and ootd at nite.

    The Box

    My Eye Magazine Colour


    1. waaaa.. budak2 pun dah ada buku make up.. hehe

      Jemput join segmen ejulz kalau sudi k :)

    2. bagusnya siap ada guideline macam mana nak apply


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